My name is Alan and I'm from Ohio.
I'm 21 years old. Capricorn.
NSFW at times.
My interests include working to death, black men, marijuana and Mariah Carey.
Thanks. bye.


But the fact that the old ass, tired ass Mariah fans keep dragging poor Ariana Grande is making me mad. The child never said she wanted to be Mariah Carey nor is she trying to. Ariana Grande has the same vocal abilities as Mariah and that should be something that’s celebrated, not bashed. Mariah ain’t the only human on Earth with whistle tones so I wish y’all get over yourselves.

remove the mariah carey tag off this post you filthy wench. The lambs don’t want to be bothered by this anymore!!

I don’t understand how people have fingers the same width as bratwursts! 

  -  31 August
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