My name is Alan and I'm from Ohio.
I'm 21 years old. Capricorn.
NSFW at times.
My interests include working to death, black men, marijuana and Mariah Carey.
Thanks. bye.


What is the best Mariah Carey album?

1. Butterfly

2. The Emancipation of Mimi

3. Me… I am Mariah. The Elusive Chanteuse.

"I don’t know if you guys know this, but I’m a huge Mariah Carey fan. Like, I would take off work if she died."

Anonymous said: the lambs NEED to be out buying "Me. I Am..Elusive Fierce" not worrying about Ariana because her album is going #1 unlike Mariah's. that old bitter ass fan base...I've NEVER seen a more insecure fan base of a singer, hell a LEGEND, than them. it's tragic.



bitches we ain’t doing anything that any other fanbase does when their fave is constantly compared to some new age version of herself. 

search the damn mariah carey tag on tumblr and twitter and guess what you basically see… i’m sure your simple asses can figure that out. 

"the next mariah carey" "better than mariah carey" "sounds just like mariah carey" "i thought that was mariah carey" 

it isn’t Ariana’s fault and I don’t attack her but rather defend her from Ariana’s deranged fans.


how do i get over someone who i never dated


canadians stop commenting on posts like you aint fuckin kill ya native population

brits stop commenting on posts like you aint colonize and enslave like 90% of the globe bc this shit is essentially your fault if you wanna be fuckin real

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i never see pictures of katy perry on my dash and i just wanna thank yall


stop unfollowing me i have been nothing but gorgeous and hilarious to u all

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